144 Henry Lawson Ave, Werrington County NSW 2747


(02) 9623 2119


We owe a great deal to our founder, John Upton, who envisioned a cultural hub for the Penrith community in the late 1960s. His dedication, recognized with a Life Membership in 2009, addressed the lack of spaces for diverse interests like theater, photography, and various sports. Upton’s belief that culture should be accessible to all drove the club’s creation.

The foundation of the Henry Lawson Club was laid during a time of social change. Members worked tirelessly to establish a space where theater, photography, chess, music, and sports could flourish. This dedication led to the welcoming, community-focused environment we enjoy today.

The Henry Lawson Club has a rich and evolving history. We’ve grown and diversified, with the development of thriving sports clubs and a renowned theater providing live entertainment to the Penrith area. Our Camera Club remains a cornerstone of the community, actively involved in local events and exhibitions.

The Henry Sports Club is the best local club in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. We exist for the community and are proud to offer you so many fabulous services.