Henry Lawson Camera Club

The Henry Lawson Camera Club are a friendly group of men and women who don’t take themselves too seriously, but who are serious about their photography. A group of enthusiastic wannabes and seasoned photographers alike, who endeavor to nurture the novice and challenge the experienced with ideas that are sometimes offbeat but otherwise contemporary.

The Group often share Informative talks on all facets of photography and Indulge themselves in travelogues and often go for outings to stimulate the creative urge.

Show and Tell of photographic projects undertaken is often a frequent activity within the club which also involves constructive criticism and advice as well as helpful pointers and advice on any troubleshooting experienced.

The Henry Lawson Camera Club also hosts Photography Competitions which involves Prize Money. Competitions are often judged by visiting Judges.

You do not need to have the latest and greatest Canon DSLR, as some only have the humble point and shoot while quite a number of die-hards are still using the old and trusted 35mm film.

Why not come along to the next meeting for an introduction to the Camera Club, its members and activities? For further details please visit the official Henry Lawson Camera Club Website on www.hlcc.asn.au