Brothers Junior Rugby League Club is a non-denominational Club, with players registering from throughout the local area and community, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds.

St Dominic’s College initially entered teams into the Penrith District Junior Rugby League competition in the early 60’s, and subsequently St Dominic’s J.R.L.C. was formed in 1968, as a separate body from the College. This was done by a group of Rugby League enthusiasts, (mainly parents of boys attending the College), with the driving force coming from Mr Harry Slaughter and Mr John Hasler, (father of Des Hasler). From its humble beginnings, when the Club entered 4 teams in the 1968 season, St Dominic’s has now grown to be one of the largest junior rugby league clubs in the Penrith district; and in fact one of the largest junior rugby league clubs in the world. In 2003 the Club changed it name from St Dominic’s Junior Rugby League Club to Brothers. In the 2008 season 42 sides were entered, with these sides ranging from under 6’s up to A grade.

The Brothers Club is not only large, but it is also very competitive in all age divisions. However, the Club has not lost sight that in junior sport, all ability levels need to be catered for, and it is part of our stated philosophy that one of the Club’s main aims is for its juniors, both male and female, to enjoy their sport – at the level at which they participate.

Over the years the Club and the College have developed many fine players, with some achieving high representative honours. This list includes – Des Hasler, Greg Alexander, Brad Fittler, John Cartwright, Mark Carroll and Luke Rooney (all Australian Representative Players); together with Ben Rogers, Steve Turner, Garrett Crossman, Glen Nissan, Tas Baiteri, Ben Alexander, Steve Martin, Steve Robinson, Brandon Lee, Joe Vitanza, Tim Sheens and many more.

Brothers also offered many coaches a start in their careers, including NSW State of Origin coach Phil Gould, who coached his first side with the Club in the early 80’s; Tim Sheens, (Penrith, Canberra, North Queensland, West’s Tigers, NSW State of Origin and Australian Super league coach); Tas Baiteri, (French National Coach for several years and currently a director with the NSWRL Academy) and John Cartwright, (Gold Coast Titans Coach).

Brothers continue to have a large representation in Penrith Representative and Development Squads. The success of these individuals highlights the priority that the Club has given to the development of junior players.

In recent years the growth of the Club and the College has accelerated to the point where the school ovals were being utilised seven days a week. It was obvious that there was a desire for our usage to be reduced, to alleviate the degradation of the grounds.

We have been fortunate to maintain our link with the College and consequently a large number of players represent both the school and the Club. This link has brought with it a sense of identity, which has generated a loyalty of which we are proud.

In 2007 the college gave the club notice that it would need to vacate the college facilities, and as a consequence all Saturday games have since been played at Hickeys Lane, which has been given a major rejuvenation. Whilst Sunday games are played at Nepean Rugby Park.

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